Famous Italian Dishes

Twentieth-century is the highlight of Italian cuisine, and if you’re looking for the typical Italian restaurant lookout for pasta and sauces, along with a range of other ingredients, and for a wide variety of beverage catering in Los Angeles there is Crateful Catering for all of those special occasions. 

Italian cuisine is world-famous for its diversity and delicious meals. The olives are only part of it, do not forget that Italian cuisine is characterized by a great deal of variety.

The history of Italian cuisine dates back to the old Roman days. And to understand the culture, you need to know that there are good examples in the history of Italian cuisine. The diversity of the culture is reflected in the menu of the Italian restaurants. Each restaurant has its own special atmosphere and way of cooking the food. In this article, we will highlight some of the most important and famous dishes of Italian cuisine.

First, pasta came from Italy, then spread throughout the world thanks to the Romanians and others. Actually, they didn’t invent pasta. The Phoenicians were probably the first to cook this food. Spain has the biggest influence on the culture of Italian cuisine, as they contributed a lot to the European menu. Among the foods, you can find there are also polenta, millet, terminology, bread, and also ice cream.

Second, Italian Turks brought rice, the settle in the south of the Mediterranean Sea and it eventually became a staple food of the irrigations. They also brought new fruits, such as apples and citrus fruits.

Third, the empire of Alexander the Great contained within its walls several interesting foods. They included bread, meat, wine, garlic, honey, cauliflower, leeks, and onions.

Fourth, Italian cuisine is characterized by a great deal of dessert, fish, and broths. Italian cuisine is a brilliant blend of culinary styles from around the globe.

Fifth, Italian cuisine is also called the cuisine of the north, because it is well associated with the traditions of the north. The Italians traditionally eat red sauce, along with roasted meats and fish. This region also contains within its boundaries regions called ‘ref Album’, which are a form of baguette with different fillings. You will also find several cafes, where all the food is served in a cafe style and not in a restaurant-style.

Sixth, Italian cuisine is also called the cuisine of the south, due to the influences of the Mediterranean and of course, the influences of the Spanish and even the French food culture. In the south, you can find many influences of both the Latin culture as well as the Eastern European culture.

Seventh, Italian cuisine is generally known for a great deal of spicy and sweet dishes. The most traditional example of this is Pizza, which is a baked form of flatbread, with cheese and other ingredients.

Eighth, Italian cuisine is generally known for a great deal of garlic, therefore you may find many instances of spaghetti and linguini with garlic in an Italian restaurant. Garlic is known to be very good for your health, so you should find some Italian restaurants that have garlic as one of the ingredients.

Ninth, Italian cuisine is generally known for a great deal of cheese and pastry dishes, therefore you’ll find that often you’ll need to have a couple of cheese and pastry courses before you can get your main course.

Tenth, Italian cuisine is generally known for a great deal of drink, which is mainly served in the form of wine. Therefore, you’ll find that Italian restaurants usually go out of their way to provide you with a glass of wine for each course.

Now it’s time for you to find the highlight of the Italian cuisine and that’s a dish called polenta. It can be served soft or baked, fried or grilled. Originating in the north of Italy polenta has become an essential food in their everyday nutrition.


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