Tips for Snorkeling in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Island is not only a beautiful island but also surrounded by numerous stunning scenery and beautiful beaches. It has hundreds of world-renowned off-coast islands, of which most of them are well known as the most fantastic snorkeling spots in the world. Here are tips for the best places to snorkeling in Puerto Rico.


Culebra Island has 11 several beaches and is situated off Puerto Rico east coast. It features the best beaches for snorkelling such as the Tamarindo, Flamenco, Carlos Rosario, which is just a 20 –minutes hike distance via the trail, which is off the Flamenco beach parking. Here you will enjoy the most pristine waters as well as getting away from the crowded Flamenco beach. West Beach isn’t left behind, too, but it’s quite relatively far, so you need a taxi to get there and enjoy the excellent snorkelling adventure ever. You can learn more when you visit this website.

La Parguera.

Snorkeling is one of the many exciting things you can do here at La Parguera. It is the home to many species of marine life and thriving coral reef. A short boat ride will take you this fantastic destination. There are fewer crowds during the week, and it is during this time you can enjoy snorkel maximum, especially in the morning when there is plenty of maritime activities. There are two bio luminescent bays, namely the La Parguera and Monsio Jose, where you can enjoy fantastic nocturnal snorkelling trips.

Steps Beach

Situated in the Reserve of Tres Palmas Marine of the west coast and it some unique features found only on the Puerto Rico mainland where snorkelling is available on the shores. The island has one of the most extensive coral reef coverage of over 1.2 km long, and during a clear day, you will see various fish species and even turtles. Rincon waves are the greatest during winter, but these waves will come down during the summer and spring. It, therefore, means that the best time to check out the fantastic Snorkeling Puerto Rico is from April-August when these waves are have calmed down.

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